2017 Programme

Well we know it’s all done and dusted now, and what a great time was had by all, so we thought we’d leave the schedule on here just in case you didn’t make it this year and wondered what you’d missed.

It’s a big list but here’s the 2017 lineup and the days they were playing;

Thursday 11th May & Friday 12th May

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Thursday 11th May
Lizy Exell’s Old Hat Jazz Band
Enrico Tomasso’s All Stars
Rachael Pennel Sings the Blues
Pete Rutherforth’s Lakeside Layabouts
Daniel Smith Blues Trio
Ugly Bug Ragtime Three Plus Pete Rudeforth & Nick Ball
Rob Heron and the Tea Pad Orchestra
Daniel Smith Blues plus Quintet
Three Bears Plus Andy Dickens & John Maddocks

Friday 12th May
Westside Syncopators
Rachael Pennell Band Plus Craig Milverton trio Trevor Whiting
Rob Heron and the Tea Pad Orchestra
Lizy Exell’s Old Hat Jazz Band
Joan’s Magic Band
Bunny Hug Six
Savannah Jazz Band
John Hallam / Amy Roberts quintet
Ugly Bug Ragtime Three plus Pete Rudeforth and Nick Ball
Black Cat Jazz
Baby Jools and the Jazzaholics
TJ Johnson Band
Stomp, Swing and Sing

Saturday 13th May & Sunday 14th May

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Saturday 13th May
Keswick Grand Festival Parade Band
When Louis met Bix – featuring Enrico Tomasso and Mike Henry
Baby Jools and the Jazzaholics
TJ Johnson Band
Jelly Roll Trio
Helvellyn Hot Five
Amy Roberts/Richard Exall Quintet
Richard Exall / Amy Roberts Band
Dorine de Wit Band
Jake Leg Jug Band
Emily Bacon’s Good Time Gang
Charley Hicks Band
Reeds United
Bourbon Kick
Kevin Grenfell’s Jazz Giants

Sunday 14th May
Jeff Barnhart and Sean Moyses
Jazz Service
Jamie Brownfield Quartet
Dale Storr
Keith Stephen Band
Dorine de Wit Jazz Band
Wheatley’s Ragtime Salon
Mat Walklate and Paolo Fuschi
Remi Harris Jazz Band
Stomp Off, Let’s Go

Closing Concert featuring Keith Nichols, Mike Henry, Joan Viskant, Graham Hughes and others


If you have been a regular visitor to the Keswick Jazz Festival then the venues for the forthcoming celebration will already be familiar to you.

Unlike a field based festival Keswick Jazz & Blues takes place in bricks and mortar premises around the town. We have already identified some of the best locations such as The Alambra Cinema, Southey St Methodist Church, Skiddaw Hotel, the Conservative Club and the Keswick Masonic Hall.

One of the major benefits of all these locations is just that – the location. All are within easy walking distance of each other, some just yards with the greatest distance being maybe 6 or 7 minutes on foot.